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Welcome to ask an escort I’m Aisa Kapoor Vashi escorts and companion provider in Mumbai City today in this article is all about hotels where I go how the cost factors into my pricing measures I take to avoid unwanted attention etc basically everything you want to know about how I successfully and discreetly put the ho in hotel.

I’ve had a number of questions relating to hotels and so I thought I would just compile all the answers into this one episode the first question do you frequent the same hotels and if so does the staff start to recognize you after a while I do frequent the same four or five hotels in the city.

where I live and work that’s basically because I had very specific preferences for the hotel rooms where I host clients and with such specific preferences I don’t have a whole lot of options so one I want a sofa and ideally an actual like living area separate from where the bed is and that’s largely because I find it very awkward to you know to do the chitchat II part of a date while sitting on the edge of a bed with someone it’s not comfortable you know you can’t lean back like this you’re just kind of seated perched on the edge of the bed be I don’t know if I met you five seconds ago.

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I don’t want to sit down on a bed with you I just think that’s awkward so I want that you know living area I like clean modern places and you know there are a lot of those but not a ton I’m sure you know if any of you have stayed in hotels you know that a lot of hotels were built 30 or 40 years ago and they were last decorated 30 or 40 years ago and you can tell so the decor is a little outdated the upholstery is a little worn and I like you know just a neater look especially given my price range you know I want the place to just look a little nicer newer more welcoming a little less hey 3,000 people have stayed in this room before me.

I also want a place that’s reasonably priced you know I do have a bottom line so I look for rooms that are under Rs3000 and you know wanting a clean modern new place that’s under Rs3000 that you know way limits my options I prefer the nicer end of the three-star hotels I feel like three-star is kind of a wide range of hotels like you’ve got the crappy old Hampton Inn no offense Hampton Inn there are a lot of nice antonyms but you know you got the crappy old Hampton Inn down local highway and then you’ve got the nice Sheridan downtown and this is you know that’s right prefer to hostess places like that the one last parameter that’s important to me is that the hotel not have one of those elevators that require a room key to get up to the guest room floors.

And I’ve been in a number of hotels like that’s never I’ve never hosted in one but I’ve done outcalls to hotels like that and that is just not ideal for me if I’m going to host because it’s kind of indiscreet for me to be going down to the lobby in my you know stilettos and full makeup and whatever I might be wearing for work my uniform as it was to meet a 60-year-old man so and it’s not like all my clients are 60 and it’s not like I’m always dressed you know so super sexy for work but I would just rather no onsite the meeting take place as for whether staff recognized me, yeah they do often recognize me because I go to the same four or five hotels because I’m in hotels you know several times a week obviously the same people are going to see me multiple times.

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A month that’s not a problem for me being recognized I don’t walk in obviously and say hey it’s me Sierra the escort back again to do you know what which brings me to another question I’ve been asked how do you avoid suspicion at hotels and I know someone who asked that mentioned something about how they must notice that I get a lot of visitors um I’ve never felt that anyone who worked in the hotel was suspicious of me because I take the necessary measures to avoid drawing attention and to throw people off my scent or my trail or whatever that expression is um as for people noticing that I get a lot of visitors the guys that I see in these hotels are they’re not stopping at the front desk to like ask for my room number or anything they just go straight to the room so largely you know they’re not having to interact with staff there’s no one milling about outside of my room you know taking notes on the comings

and goings of you know my clients when they come and when they go and who has come and who’s left and housekeeping is around I would say about 20 percent of the time but that’s not a problem because they’re just doing their jobs they’re really not paying attention as far as I know as far as I’ve never noticed who’s coming and going oh basically what I always tell my clients is no one working in a hotel cares about you know like in the nicest possible way no one notices you no one wonders why you’re there if they give any thought to you at all as you come in or leave it’s oh that must be a guest you know like the front desk staff the housekeeping maintenance.

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The managers none of those people know the names and faces of all the people staying at the hotel so if they see a face attached to a body walking into their hotel they’re just going to assume as someone staying there that’s what I would assume and furthermore I give my clients instructions like when I give them the room number I tell them how to get to the elevator from the front door like from the lobby so the one thing they could ever need to interact with someone for I give them in advance they’re not going to walk in looking lost like someone who doesn’t belong there like someone who isn’t staying there so yeah um as far as avoiding suspicion like specific measure that I take you to know you want to check in and out at normal times if you’ve got an afternoon or evening appointment you don’t want to check in at 3:00 and then go downstairs okay I’ve done at six o’clock um you obviously we don’t have to stay at the hotel but you don’t check out if you’re me you go home you have a nice dinner you snuggle your wife all night.

And then you go back in the morning and check out or you let them figure out that you’ve left or called in and tell them that you’ve left and then if you have a morning appointment obviously you don’t show up at 9:00 a.m. to check in they wouldn’t have even held your room for you but you don’t check-in at 9:00 and check out at 11 or 12 because that’s sketchy as hell I always dress really casually when I check in I am not dressed for work when I check into a hotel so no tight jeans no skimpy dress no like I said no work.

uniform I don’t even wear my full makeup when I check in I do kind of just the basics like a little powder maybe and then I take the rest of my makeup with me so that I don’t look glamorous or even particularly attractive when I check in I feel like I’m one of those people that if I want to look plain and blend into the background I can look plain and blend into the background I wear this bad boy when I check in my wedding bands and I always manage to drop into the check-in conversation something about my wife you know if it’s someone that doesn’t already know me then I find a way to mention my wife even if it’s a complete lie like oh my wife has that same blouse and then they boom they think I’m a lesbian which I’ve noticed happens in real life and here on YouTube if I tell someone I have a wife they assume.

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I’m gay and that’s not a problem when I am checking into hotels because you know lesbians don’t go around renting hotel rooms to entertain strange men for hundreds of dollars so yeah that’s not a sketchy and then I have a back-story if ever it comes up I say that I used to be an insurance and now I travel throughout the state teaching continuing education courses to insurance professionals it’s too boring to sound made-up and no one asks questions that I couldn’t possibly answer because it’s boring so I don’t even have to know anything about insurance or continuing education because who gives a flying fart about insurance agents continuing education classes another question I’ve gotten do hotels discriminate against you now you know that they pretty much don’t know that there would be any reason to discriminate against me um unless you know.

I mentioned my wife and they’re like no dikes here but obviously, that doesn’t happen but because I’m not readily identifiable as a Vashi escorts service provider I do not have problems with discrimination I have at one point heard of other ladies there was a conversation on Twitter at some point I don’t know a couple of years ago about certain hotels that were specifically keeping an eye out for escorts and banning ladies from their properties so I don’t know if they’re you know just telling any attractive woman who walks in high heels

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that oh you can’t stay here anymore but yeah I know it has happened to somebodies somewhere it just hasn’t happened to me one more question is the hotel cost included in my price the answer is yes and no so everything is included in my price in that I don’t charge extra for the hotel just like I don’t charge extra for shaving my legs.

or wearing uncomfortable shoes or doing a role-play or anything I don’t charge extra for anything however I mean I almost never booked a hotel room for a single one-hour appointment and think that’s cool because my actual rate is 320 and the real just to cover the hotel anyway I mean if I never had to rent hotel rooms then yes I would charge a little bit less but I don’t set my rates thinking explicitly that one portion of this price is for my time and the other portion is for my expenses thanks for reading my article.

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